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towing service LeesburgLeesburg Tow Truck is a family-owned and operated premium tow truck company that has been providing towing service and roadside assistance to Leesburg for over twenty years. Our humble beginnings as a small family operation have led us to where we are today. We are considered the most trusted name in towing and roadside assistance in the region. Our towing service consists of light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing, each service type is catered towards a specific vehicle range. By having multiple towing service options, we can work together with our customers to select which service is right for you. Along with towing service Leesburg Tow Truck also offers award-winning roadside assistance. We have worked to offer a wide range of assistance options, guaranteed to fit the needs of any customer. Our assistance options include fuel delivery, jump start service, tire change assistance, lockout service, and accident recovery. tow truck Leesburg VAAll of our roadside assistance and towing services are affordable and reliable. We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which means our full menu of services is always available to you. Leesburg Tow Truck puts great importance on having fast response times and providing convenient service for our customers. Payment is also made convenient as we accept all major credit cards in addition to cash. If you are looking for the most trusted name in towing service and roadside assistance, look no further than Leesburg Tow Truck. Give us a call today if you need any of our 24/7 automotive services.


Towing Service

towing service Leesburg VA

Leesburg Tow Truck takes great pride in providing the best towing service possible to our community. We are not only a tow truck company but a helping hand when you are in need. Our affordable and trusted towing service includes light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing. Other towing companies do not offer a diverse range of service options, and oftentimes do not have the proper towing service you need. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to towing, our team of A-plus drivers has the experience and techniques to safely tow vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We use only the best equipment available, our fleet of tow trucks consists of flatbed tow trucks with heavy-duty winches. We find that flatbeds provide the safest way to tow our customers’ vehicles. Our premium towing services are unparalleled in value, and execution. When you need a lift, Leesburg Tow Truck is the name you can depend on.


Light-Duty Towing ServiceLeesburg towing service


At Leesburg Tow Truck our light-duty towing service is perfect for small or fragile vehicles. We take extra care when it comes to light-duty towing, and treat your vehicle like one of our own. Our team uses loading and towing techniques that eliminate stress on your vehicle. If you need a special or small vehicle towed, Leesburg Tow Truck’s light-duty towing service is perfect for you.


Medium-Duty Towing Service

When the family car needs towing, Leesburg Tow Truck has you covered. Our convenient medium-duty towing service comes straight to you. Our team of drivers provides customers with excellent customer service, and safe towing to the customer’s desired location. We have the best prices and best service, which makes Leesburg Tow Truck the best choice for medium-duty towing.


Heavy-Duty Towing Service


Heavy-duty vehicles require heavy-duty towing service. At Leesburg Tow Truck we have the best heavy-duty towing service in the region. Our team of towing experts is experienced in heavy-duty towing and provide exactly what our customers need. There is no need to waste time calling around town, Leesburg Tow Truck is the company you can always count on.


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Roadside Assistance


When it comes to 24-hour roadside assistance there is no company better than Leesburg Tow Truck. We view roadside assistance not only as a business but as a way to help the people in our community. Our roadside assistance is affordable and convenient. Assistance options include fuel delivery service, accident recovery, jump start service, tire change assistance, and lockout service. Vehicle problems are inconvenient and often happen when you least expect it. The excellent team at Leesburg Tow Truck is always available to help in your time of need. We aim to provide our customers with the service they need, when they need it, at an affordable price. While other companies may take advantage of customers in a desperate situation, Leesburg Tow Truck makes sure that all of our services and assistance options are fairly priced and never affect your bottom line. If you require roadside assistance, let the amazing team at Leesburg Tow Truck provide you with the help that gets you back on the road.


Accident RecoveryLeesburg Accident recovery


Accidents happen, and it can make even the calmest people stressed. At Leesburg Tow Truck we offer worry-free accident recovery. All you need to do is call our office and an accident recovery expert will be on the way to your location. Let us help lessen your stress after a fender bender with our accident recovery assistance.


Fuel Delivery Service


If you run out of fuel any time of day Leesburg Tow Truck is available to help with our fuel delivery service. There is no need to put yourself in danger pushing your car along the shoulder of the road. A quick call to Leesburg Tow Truck and a technician will be on the way directly to you.


Tire Change Service

Leesburg Tire Change

If you have a flat tire, call Leesburg Tow Truck and sit tight. We have the tire change assistance our customers need. Changing a flat tire is a process that needs to be done correctly, our technicians are trained in the proper tire change techniques and are guaranteed to get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Jump Start Service


Leesburg Tow Truck offers jump start service if your battery goes dead. We have the proper gauge jumper cables, and also use jump boxes to attach to hard to reach battery terminals. We are here to help when you need an extra jolt to get your car up and running.


Lockout ServiceLeesburg Flat bed towing


If you lock your keys in the car let the team at Leesburg Tow Truck lend a hand. Our lockout service is faster and more affordable than any locksmith, and we are sure to open your car door without a scratch. Put down the screwdriver or wire hanger and pick up the phone to call Leesburg Tow Truck.


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